Reflecting on recovery: Guided tsunami memorial visit

Learn about past, current and future disaster recovery and prevention in Rikuzentakata.


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On March 3, 2011, a magnitude 9 earthquake and devastating tsunami hit the coast of North-Eastern Japan, taking with it entire cities and communities. The coastal town of Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture was one of the most heavily affected areas, with the entire town centre destroyed by the waves and thousands of lives lost. 


Today, the city stands strong as it continues to recover and look toward the future. In a region that historically has withstood countless natural disasters, conveying the message of disaster prevention and readiness has never been more important. 


In 2019, a new memorial museum was opened in Rikuzentakata to function both as an educational centre to spread the message of disaster prevention to future generations, as well as a provide a spiritual space to honor the memory of all those whose lives were lost or whose lives were changed forever. 


On this tour, you will have the opportunity to hear first-hand stories of survival and recovery from a local guide as you tour the memorial museum. You will also visit the ‘Miracle Pine’ – a lone survivor from an entire forest of pine trees – that has become a symbol of strength and hope for the town. Finally, you will make an offering of flowers for those who were taken by the disaster as you reflect on wrath of nature and resilience of the local community. 


Meeting place



Meet at the newly opened Iwate Tsunami Memorial Museum and take a guided tour of the memorial hall. 


Visit the ‘Miracle Pine’ –  a symbol of resilience and hope for the region following the disaster. This tree was once one tree in a sprawling forest of over 7000 pine trees. In the aftermath of the tsunami on March 11, 2011, it was the only pine left standing. It has been left standing as a symbol of strength for the local community, and reminder of the importance of disaster prevention for those who visit the site from around Japan and overseas. 




Make an offering of flowers and say a prayer to honour the souls of those who tragically lost their lives in the disaster. 


Tour ends at the memorial hall.


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