NINJA training at a natural ‘power spot’

Learn stealth techniques from a Ninja master in the open forest!


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Just a stone’s throw from Sendai City lies the beautiful Akiu hot spring district, home to some of Miyagi’s most important spiritual properties and natural highlights, also known as ‘power spots’ for their high-concentration of negative ions! In the open forest of one of these ‘power spots’, take a lesson in stealth techniques from a qualified Ninja! Be trained in special techniques like ‘shuriken’ (ninja star) throwing and ‘fukiya’ (blow-pipe arrows). 


While in the Akiu area, get your fill of local history, culture and food! 

→ Visit the famous ‘Akiu Otaki’ (Akiu Great Falls) and listen to ancient stories and legends that have been passed down the generations in the local area. 

→ Visit Akiu Otaki’s ‘Fudouson Temple’ which holds Japan’s largest gold ‘Fudo Myoo’ statues.

→ Enjoy some tasty dishes made from handmade tofu at a retro cafe loved by locals.

→ Try your hand at some local woodcraft and take home your own hand-crafted souvenir.

→ Call-in to ‘Otaki-en’, a unique local health-store specialising in natural remedies, such as mountain-grape juice and Nikko maple.

**This tour plan was recently awarded the  “Special/Inbound Award” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (2019).**


Meeting place



Meet your Ninja guide at the Akiu Otaki bus stop (Miyagi Koutsu Line). Buses leave Sendai Station around once every hour. See here for timetable.

***OPTIONAL: Private ninja driver guide also available + 30000 JPY per group***

Smaller/larger group bookings available at alternative rates.
Please inquire to*


Follow your guide to the atmospheric Akiu Shrine and through the beautiful forest that leads to Akiu Otaki (Akiu Great Falls). The area is known as a natural ‘power spot’ as the air is said to be in high concentration of negative ions. Breathe in the fresh air and be ‘powered up’ by natural before your ninja training session!


You’ll also need some fuel for your stomach! Call-in to a retro cafe hidden in the forest that offers lots of delicious local treats, including the famous ‘sankaku-age’  – triangular deep-fried tofu. Best enjoyed with soy-sauce and chili powder while it’s still piping hot! 


Having fueled your mind and stomach, it’s time for your Ninja training!

Learn how to accurately throw ‘shuriken’ (ninja stars) and blow a ‘fukiya’ (blow-pip arrows/darts) in the open forest.

After your ninja training, try your hand at some local woodcraft and take home your own unique handcrafted souvenir. 


Before the tour ends, call in to ‘Otakien’ – a fascinating pop-up shop selling all kinds of local natural health remedies, and run by descendants of the Chisoku monks. Learn about the historical connections between the Chisoku monks and local mountain priests who were closely related to local ninja urban legend…! 



Tour ends back at Akiu Otaki bus stop. 

This is an award winning plan


JPY~(with TAX) (※approx. $80 USD)
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Reservations usually accepted up to three days prior to tour.
Please inquire for urgent reservations.
Smaller/larger group bookings available at alternative rates.
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