Station Walk: Tipsy Sake Tasting

Get tipsy between trains! Be guided to local sake-tasting hot-spots in the station!


Discover hidden drinking-holes in the maze of Sendai Station while also exploring the tasty delights of the underground basement floor. Get a comprehensive ‘taste’ of Sendai’s sake scene in a quick and easy 40 min tour! Be sure to keep your stylish sake-cup holder around your neck at all times in case of sudden sake tasting. 

The tour will begin at one of the station’s more unusual locations – the 100 yen local sake vending machine! Be introduced to the art of ‘tachi-nomi’ (stand-up drinking) while your guide shows you around the nearby souvenir stores. 

Next, descent to the basement floor through the S-PAL Sendai East Department Store (built in 2016 following the earthquake disaster) and be guided through a maze-like path to the restaurant area featuring 27 different stores. Take some notes on which restaurants to come back to during your stay in Sendai! 

Finally, stop by a cozy sake-specialty izakaya bar to enjoy a sake-tasting set! Compare two different varieties of local sake alongside a tasty appetizer. Next door to the izakaya is a sake specialty store where you can find varieties from all over the Tohoku region, including some special limited-edition sake only sold at Sendai Station! 

Become an expert in local sake in just 40 mins! Get lost in the maze of delicious goods and drink like one of the locals. Let your friendly local guide show you the way ~ !




このツアーで仙台駅から周辺の地下街を実際に訪れることができます。地下街の路地に迷い込んで、地元の人になってください! ガイドが一緒ですので迷いません!


A tour where local guides teach local sake hops that can be drunk in Petitura!

What’s Included

- Walking tour of Sendai station, decignated site of near department store
- 100 sake at vending machine, 2 sake tasting and appetizer in bar
- English-speaking guide
- Insurance

Not included

-Any additional meals / drinks.
-Anything not included in the above 'included' list.

Meeting place



Tour will depart from “ヨリ未知” desk at 13:00/16:00.

5 mins

Your guide will give you a quick introduction to Sendai City!




3 mins

Before the tour gets underway, pick up a stylish sake-cup holder from the desk to use during the tour! Keep it around your neck in case of sudden sake tasting!!

(sake cups/holders are to be returned following tour)


5 mins

First stop: Sendai’s fabled local sake vending machine! Choose from five different varieties of local sake and be introduced to the concept of ‘tachi-nomi’ (stand-up drinking).

2 mins

Your guide will introduce you to nearby souvenir shops selling everything from sweets to local crafts.

5 mins

Next, head into the S-PAL Sendai East department store and make your way downstairs to the restaurant street. Wander through a maze-like path of over 27 local restaurants and keep an eye-out for any you’d like to visit during your stay!

15 mins

Finally, head to a local sake-specialty izakaya bar inside the station! Sit back and relax with a sake-tasting set of two local varieties paired with a delicious appetiser. 

4 min

Before the tour ends, call in to another sake specialty store right next door to the izakaya! This store stocks local sake varieties from across the Tohoku region, including some special limited edition sakes only available at Sendai Station. 


1 min

Tour ends back at the tour desk. 



2nd floor stained glass sideways unknown counter
Within 1 hour
1500JPY~(with TAX) (※approx. $15USD )
Sign-up Deadline
Bookings accepted on the day.
Cancellation Policy
After booking cancellation, refund available though not on desk, contact ”info@inoutbound.co.jp” for detail.


Basic Plan

Price 1500JPY~(with TAX)

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