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Coastal cycling & fishing village experience

Explore the beautiful coastline and local lifestyle of Ishinomaki!


Become one of the locals of Ishinomaki for the day! 

Ishinomaki City is located on the Pacific coast of Miyagi prefecture and is well known for its amazing seafood and fishing industry. To the north-east of the city centre lies the beautiful Oshika Peninsula; a nature lover’s dream with incredible ocean views and several quaint fishing villages scattered around picturesque inlets and beaches. 

There is no better way to explore the area than on two wheels! This guided cycling tour will be lead by local cycling team ‘Soraumi Cycling’ and will take you along a winding road that traverses the peninsula, allowing you to not only explore some of the most scenic points but also giving you the chance to stop and interact with the local people along the way (course length is approximately 9km). 

Your guide will introduce you to the friendly locals at Oginohama beach, where you can watch the fishermen at work before taking a break atHamasaisai, a great little eatery run by some charming local ladies that serve up tasty dishes made with the local produce of the area.



If you’re lucky, you might even run into some of the fishermen from ‘Fisherman Japan’ (see video below), a group of young, charismatic fishermen from around Miyagi prefecture who are working hard to transform the image of Japan’s fishing industry and encourage more young people to get involved. 

Your legs might be weary but you’ll be left feeling re-energised by the sights, tastes and warm people of the beautiful Oshika Peninsula.

**Although the course is not extreme, it does involve several hills and requires a moderate level of fitness**


Meeting place



Meet your guide at JR Ishinomaki Station. After pick-up, drive to ‘Hamaguri-do’ restaurant and cafe for a pre-cycling briefing. 


Recommended train if coming from Sendai City (approx. 860 yen): 

08:20 JR Sendai Station → JR Ishinomaki 09:20 


After arriving at the cafe, your guide will give you a pre-cycling briefing about road-rules, safety and info about the course you will be taking and what you can expect to experience. 



Cycling tour begins! 

Set off from the cafe along a beautiful coastal road that follows the shoreline of the Oshika Peninsula.

Take in the breathtaking views over the Pacific Oceans as you follow the winding road that hugs the Rias coast. 

(Please note: the road is quite winding and involves a few hill climbs! Your guide will set a comfortable pace but a moderate level of fitness is required!)



Arrive at the picturesque Oginohama beach. 

Here you’ll have the chance to chat with the local fisherman and watch them at work! 

Make new friends as your guide introduces you to the locals and explains about the local fishing industry. 


After working up an appetite, it’s time to taste the local produce! 

Head to ‘Hamasaisai’, a fantastic local cafe and community space located on the shore of Oginohama beach. 

Meet the lovely local ladies who run the cafe and be treated to some of the tasty dishes they throw together using the fresh catch of the day and other nutritious and delicious local produce. 

Here you’ll also sit down to a delicious ‘obento’ Japanese style lunch box. 

Fuel up and get ready to hit the ocean road again!


Cycling tour ends (guide will drop you back to JR Ishinomaki Station by car).


Tour ends at Ishinomaki Station. 


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Reservations accepted up to three days prior to tour date.


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Coastal cycling & fishing village experience
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