Omagari Fireworks Bus Tour (August 31)

Reserved seats at Tohoku’s largest summer fireworks display


Due to the continued global spread of the COVID19 virus and the associated impact upon public health and safely in Japan, reservations for all tours and experience programs will be SUSPENDED until May 2020, or until the situation improves and relevant restrictions upon travel are lifted.
We look forward to welcoming you back to Tohoku as soon as possible. In the meantime, please stay safe and well!

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The Omagari Fireworks Festival is the one of the biggest and most exciting summer events in Japan!

So much more than just a fireworks display, it is a fierce contest of pyrotechnics between over 30 of Japan’s best fireworks manufacturers. In the space of just a few hours over 20,000 incredible fireworks will light up the summer sky in front of crowds of around 760,000 from all over Japan!!

Of course, being a Japanese summer festival, there will be a huge range of delicious street-food and traditional games to be enjoyed at the festival stalls.


Join this tour for a hassle-free experience of the ultimate Japanese summer event. With reserved seating waiting for you there is no rush to fight the crowds, and transport by bus means you can sit back and relax (or sleep on the way home!) while the driver takes care of the traffic!



Meeting place



Meet at Sendai Station.

Board bus and Head to Akita Prefecture.

Stop for local lunch at Ainono Hot Springs ‘Tsurugaikesou’



Arrive at the venue of the ‘Omagari Fireworks Festival’ (Daisen City, Akita Prefecture)

After finding your seating area, explore the festival grounds with your English speaking guide. 



Sample some of the many great street-food dishes and drinks for sale at the festival stalls.

Sit back and enjoy the incredible show!!


Once the fireworks display has ended, return to the bus. 

Sit back and catch up on some sleep as the driver fights the traffic back to Sendai City.



Arrive back to Sendai Station.


JPY~(with TAX) (※approx. 270 USD)
Sign-up Deadline
August 24 (one week prior)

**PLEASE NOTE: Reservations made before May 2019 will be considered tentative reservations while final confirmation on box-seating availability is pending.**


Basic Plan

Price JPY~(with TAX)

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