‘Sea & Sakura’ Hike in Matsushima

Soak up the sun, sea and sakura with hidden views of Matsushima Bay.


These views can only been seen a few days a year!
Enjoy the stunning contrast of pink cherry blossoms, blue ocean and the islands of Matsushima Bay.

This 10km easy hike will take you away from the tourist hub of Matsushima Bay and immerse you in the rugged nature of Mt. Soukanzan, Ougihama Beach and the instagram-worthy ‘Umanose’ Peninsula.
Hear local stories and learn about the history of the area from your local guide (English interpretation also provided).

This year’s hike lines up with the annual ‘Hiyoshi Sanno’Shrine festival! Experience the local culture as you watch locals parade a ‘Mikoshi’ (portable shrine) through the streets of the Matsushima Bay.


Meeting place



Meet at Matsushima-Kaigan Station (JR Senseki Line) 


Once all members have gathered, set-off on hike! 

First stop: ‘Saigyo Modoshi no Matsu’ Park. Enjoy panaromic views of Matsushima Bay framed by the sea of cherry blossoms in the park below. 

Continue hike, stop for pictures!

Enjoy views of Matsushima Bay framed by pine trees as you walk the the ‘Ogitani’ look out.


The most insta-worthy point of the trail: ‘Umanose’ Penninsula. Literally meaning ‘Horse’s Back’, this narrow peninsula is more of a natural land-bridge offering those brave enough to cross some pretty epic views at the end!

The enchanting Ougihama Beach.

Cross over boulders to reach your final destination, Mt. Sokansan, before returning to the Matsushima Kaigan area. 



Tour ends back at Matsushima-Kaigan Station. Participants welcome to stay in Matsushima Bay area to enjoy the Hiyoshi Sanno Shrine festival / other sight-seeing highlights. 


**OPTIONAL EXTRA: Guided tour of Entsuin/Zuiganji Temples (+3000 yen) after 1 hour of free time for lunch (lunch not included in price). 



**Tour ends at Matsushima Kaigan Station (after optional extra walking tour).


JPY~(with TAX) (※approx. $63USD)
Sign-up Deadline
Bookings accepted until noon of the previous day.


Basic Plan

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JPY~(with TAX)

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