Photo Session at Tagajo Iris Festival

Historical cosplay also available!


Just a 14 min train ride from central Sendai Station lies the city of Tagajo, once a sprawling fortress and bustling capital city of the Mutsu Province.  Whilst the physical presence of the castle buildings has disappeared over the centuries, the town still remains an important historical hub for the Tohoku region.

By far the best time to visit is during the annual ‘Ayame Matsuri’ (Iris Festival) in mid-late June (this year, from June 15 – 29), when the former castle grounds transform into a carpet of every shade of purple you can imagine! An incredible 3 million (!) irises of over 600 different varieties will bloom across the park to be enjoyed alongside a plethora of fun interactive activities and live entertainment. 


Why not make your visit to the Tagajo Iris Festival even more memorable with a private photo session among the flowers with our cameraman? After a brief walking tour of the town’s historical highlights, stroll through the fields of purple irises and capture the moment in style. Come with some arty shots in mind or leave it up to the creative genius of our local cameraman – the choice is yours! There will also be Nara Period traditional costumes available for you to try on and create some historical cosplay scenes.


Your photographer will be well-known media-producer and Sendai local, Nguyen Chi Long. 

Your photos will be edited and sent to you digitally within a week after the event. 


Choose from the morning session (10:00-12:00) or afternoon session (14:00-16:00).


Creative everlasting memories of your Spring in Japan! 




Meeting place


10:00 or 14:00

Meet your guide at Kokufu-tagajo Station (JR Tohoku Line, around 14 mins from Sendai Station). 

Talk a brief walking tour of some of Tagajo’s historical highlights in the nearby area before entering the Iris Festival grounds. 

(Tagajo Castle monument, erected at completion of the castle in 724)


10:30 or 14:30

Take a look around the festival for the best locations for your pictures.


If desired, change into Nara Period costume for some historical cosplay scenes!


10:45 or 14:45

Start your photo session with well-known local media-producer, Nguyen Chi Long. 





11:30 or 15:30

Once finished taking your pictures, enjoy some tasty local cuisine and the food stalls before freely exploring the festival!



12:00 or 16:00

Tour ends.

Feel free to stay and continue to enjoy the Iris Festival or perhaps visit the Tohoku History Museum just across the road!

For more details, see the official event webpage here


JPY~(with TAX) (※approx. $27 USD)
Sign-up Deadline
Reservations will be accepted until noon Saturday, June 22, 2019.


Basic Plan

Price JPY~(with TAX)

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