October ~ March

Cruise with an oyster fisherman for an all-you-can-eat oyster, visit picturesque Matsushima (version with JR and cab)

The world's your oyster in the world's oyster nursery!


The Tohoku region is a paradise for foodies! The entire coastline of Miyagi Prefecture is famous for its giant, milky, juicy oysters, but the heart of this pearly beauty lies in Matsushima Bay (also famous as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan). Matsushima’s oysters are not only beloved throughout Japan, but also have deep connections to oyster cuisine around the world.

This guided tour will introduce visitors to the culture and flavors of Tohoku through oyster farming with local fishermen! Taste freshly caught oysters from the fishing boats in Matsushima Bay just like the locals.

The tour will start at Sendai Station, where you will board a fishing boat with local fishermen to visit an oyster farm. Enjoy all-you-can-eat oysters at a restaurant in Matsushima!

In the second half of the tour, you will take a city tour of scenic Matsushima and enjoy matcha green tea at a historical spot.


What’s Included

- Train fare (Sendai → Nobiru, Matsushima → Sendai)
- Taxi fare from Nobiru Station to boat pier, boat pier to Matsushima
- Cruise of Matsushima Bay
- 90-minute pleasure boat ride (oyster farming tour and Matsushima Bay cruise)
- All you can eat oyster lunch
- Kanrantei entrance fee, matcha set
- English speaking Guide
- Insurance

Not included

- Any additional meals and drinks
- Anything not included in the above 'included' list.




Meet at the stained glass window on the 2nd floor, west side exit of Sendai Station.

Then, take a train!  From Sendai Station → JR Senseki Line Departure from Sendai Station (8:20) — Arrival at Nobiru Station (8:54)   


Arrive at JR Nobiru Station.  Take a taxi about 15 minutes to the boat pier.  Feel the great local nature here until the boat departure time.


**90 minutes Oyster cruise begins! **

Learn about how the oyster babies are first cultivated in a ‘nursery’ on the surface of scallop shells. The method and materials used today follow the same traditions of centuries ago, and ensure no harm upon the precious local environment. Sussu-san will teach you what makes Miyagi Prefecture so special as the ideal environment to grow oysters, and why oyster farmers from all over Japan (and over seas) make their way to Miyagi to purchase these beautiful oyster babies for cultivation across the globe.

Say hi to the origin of the whole process as Sussu-san explains why the surrounding mountains and forests are equally important to local fishermen as the sea. 


Take a cab from Aomina to Matsushima.


All you can eat oysters time!   Enjoy!! 


Visit historical spots in Matsushima〜
During our Matsushima Town Walk, we will take in some of the area’s top attractions on foot, including the venerable Zuiganji Temple, the historic Entsu-in temple, and the striking Godaidou hall.


We will visit the historic Kanrantei, an important cultural property of Japan, where you can savor the unique experience of traditional matcha green tea and delicate Japanese sweets within this renowned tea house!


Head to JR Matsushima-Kaigan station, take the train departing at 13:11 and back to Sendai Station at 13:49.



Tour ends at Sendai Station.


Sendai Station (Stained-glass windows) : Near the west exit on the 2nd floor
08:00~14:00 (6 hours)
2~6 persons
38,500 yen
Sign-up Deadline
Bookings accepted up to 1 week business days prior to date of tour.
Cancellation Policy
Up to four days prior, no cancellation fee.
Three days prior: 20%
Day before: 50%
On the day: 100%
** Tour guests may be mixed.
If the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled.


Basic Plan

Price 38,500 yen

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October ~ March
Oyster Fisherman’s Cruise & Seasonal Feast (version with JR train)
Year round (excluding New Year period, and irregular holidays).
E-Bike tour in taro/Miyako
October ~ March
Cruise with an oyster fisherman for an all-you-can-eat oyster, visit picturesque Matsushima (version with JR and cab)
APRIL 17-18
Weekend in Coastal Miyagi: by request
Feb 11-12, 2022
Island Hopping in Sanriku Fukko National Park
38,500 yen

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