The 'next Japan'
for the serial traveller!


~ You still don't know the 'real' Japan~
~ You won't know Japan until you've discovered Tohoku!~

You've already ticked Asakusa, Mt. Fuji and Kyoto off your list.
You've seen it all from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
But you still love Japan. It keeps calling you back!
You've already travelled Japan - now you want to 'live' Japan.
Hidden in the 'everyday' of Tohoku is a Japan yet to be discovered!

What are Tohoku
'Local Secret'

- The local culture and customs not found online or in guidebooks
- The flavours and festivals of each season
- The bars and restaurants frequented by locals
- Connections with local people and local knowledge
Got your attention? Then Tohoku 'Local Secret' Tours are your kind of travel! Each tour is joined by a local guide. They'll help you uncover an unseen Japan, hidden within the local 'everyday'.

Available Tours

August 3 – 6
Tohoku Summer Festival Marathon (August 3 – 6)
August 3~5
Summer Festival Fever in Aomori
August 5 -6
Star Festival Duo: Akita Kanto & Sendai Tanabata
August 31
Omagari Fireworks Bus Tour (August 31)
June 23 (Sunday)
Photo Session at Tagajo Iris Festival
Back-alley Bar Hopping in Sendai
Sendai Sake Bar-crawl
Weekdays (except Tuesdays)
Sustainable Vineyard Picnic
By request
Vegetable Harvest & Farm-to-table dinner
Green City Sendai: Morning hike & market brunch
Everyday (except Sundays)
Izakaya Dinner with Tuna Show & Sushi Workshop
Everyday *except Wed, Sun
Foodie Tour in Shiogama
Hungry Samurai: Sendai Food & Culture Tour
Everyday (except Sunday)
Spirit of Japanese Sake in Shiogama
Staycation at a ‘Love Hotel’
October ~ March
Oyster Paradise Matsushima
Kimono Walking Tour of Matsushima
Everyday (except Mondays)
Recovery Cycling Tour
Tohoku Under the Radar
April 16, 2019
Tastes of Sendai (+ Dinner with ‘Abroad in Japan’)
Sunday, April 21
‘Sea & Sakura’ Hike in Matsushima
April 10-23 (Weekdays only)
Perfect ‘Hanami’ Picnic at Shiogama-Jinja (Shinto)Shrine
Everyday (April)
April 22 – 25
Spring in Tohoku (April 22 – 25)
Feb. 19&20&27, Mar. 5&6
Strawberry picking and sweets workshop with lunch
Experience New Year’s in Japan
Beauty Pampering & ‘Pageant of Starlight’
Local Japanese Cooking Class near Sendai International Airport
[CLOSE] Matsushima by night: Autumn light-up!

Tour calendar

In-outbound sendai-matsushima Inc.
In-outbound sendai-matsushima Inc.

What's In-outbound sendai-matsushima Inc.?
We are a travel agency creating tours from the best of all six prefectures of Tohoku, with a focus on Miyagi. We have multilingual guides on hand and also offer custom-made tour packages. Consult us for any of your Tohoku travel needs!