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Hungry Samurai : Sendai Food & Culture day Tour (version with cab)

Follow the footsteps of samurai Date Masamune as you eat your way around Sendai City!


See and taste the legacy of Date Masamune, the samurai who built the foundation of Sendai!
Known as the “one-eyed dragon,” Date Masamune was known for his tactical skills, active international activities, and his love of food, hospitality, and the arts.
On this tour, you will walk through the modern streets of the city, stopping along the way at numerous local specialties, guided by a local guide. You will visit a temple tucked away in the middle of a busy shopping street, try your hand at baking fish cakes, and get lost in retro alleys!
In the latter half of the tour, you will take a cab to Zuihouden, the mausoleum of Date Masamune, and the ruins of Aoba Castle, making this a one-day tour to fully enjoy Sendai!


What’s Included

Sake tasting, croquettes, taiyaki, tea, sasakamama, monaka, sweets by weight, Zuihouden entrance fee, cab fare (2 sections), subway, English-speaking guide, insurance

Not included

Transportation to the meeting place,
Anything not included in the above 'included' list.




Meet at the stained-glass windows of Sendai Station. 


Visit ‘Date no Komichi’ local produce and souvenir area of Sendai Station to sample some local Japanese sake! 


Visit ‘Sendai’s Kitchen’, Sendai Morning Market. Despite its name, this market is open until 6pm and is always buzzing with local shoppers and restaurant owners searching for the freshest local produce from the many fish-mongers, vegetable and fruit stands and specialty stores. Here you will enjoy a local favourite ‘cream-croquette’ from one of the most popular market stalls. 


Switching from savory to sweet, the next stop will be ‘Taikichi’ Taiyaki (fish shaped pancake with sweet filling) specialty store. You can enjoy Taiyaki across Japan, but Sendai’s ‘Taikichi’ store is famous for its unique filling flavours, including some Sendai-limited flavours like ‘Zunda-mochi’ or even beef-tongue curry!


After calling-in to another local market for some taste-testing, you will visit ‘Mitaki Fudoson’, a temple hidden within the busy shopping arcade. Hear the story of ‘Sendai Shiro’ and make a prayer for good fortune! 


Take a break at a long-established local tea shop. They have green tea flavored soft serve ice cream and the very popular Zunda Shake.


Drop-in to Abe-Kamaboko for some local Sendai cuisine, Sasa-kama fishcake! Shaped into bamboo-leaf shapes from the Date family crest, this fishcake is a staple snack for Sendai locals. 


Next, let’s eat some of the sweets that the locals love!


On the B1 floor of the main building of the Sendai Fujisaki Department Store, there is a corner called “Round (confectionery sold by weight)” where you can purchase confectionery sold by weight. It is one of the few rounds in Japan that remain in good condition!


Have a quick and easy lunch that you can eat right away. Ramen, standing Soba “Tatiguisoba”, and various choices are available. 


We will take a cab for a 20-minute ride.
First, we will alight at the beautiful Zuihouden, the mausoleum of Date Masamune and several generations of the Date family. While enjoying the scenic location and ornate architecture, we will learn about the life and aspirations of Date Masamune.


For your next destination, take a 25-minute cab ride again.
Let’s go to the ruins of Aoba Castle, once the most expansive castle in Japan. Enjoy the panoramic view of Sendai city and take a picture with Date Masamune!


Take a cab to the nearest subway station, then switch to subway from Aobayama Station to Sendai Station.


Back to Sendai Station, the tour is over. Your guide will give you some recommendations for dinner places. Enjoy your stay!


Sendai Station (Stained-glass windows) : Near the west exit on the 2nd floor
2~4 persons
(2 guides for 5 or more)
33000 yen
Sign-up Deadline
Accepted up to 2 business days in advance
Cancellation Policy
Up to three days prior, no cancellation fee.
Two days prior: 20%
Day before: 30%
On the day: 100%
There is a possibility of mixing with other guests. Add 10,000 yen (/group) if you wish to have a private tour.
If the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled.


Basic Plan

Price 33000 yen

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