Attracxi: Mysteries of the Three Holy Mountains of Dewa

A taste of the sacred pilgrimage of Dewasanzan - the Three Holy Mountains of Dewa.


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Dewasanzan – the Three Holy Mountains of Dewa – is the ancient spiritual heart of Japan’s native Shugendo religion. For thousands of years, the mountains of Mt. Haguro, Mt. Gassan and Mt. Yudono have formed a sacred pilgrimage for the Yamabushi (mountain priests), representing a spiritual journey through the present, death, the afterlife and, finally, rebirth. Even today, Yamabushi continue to live and practice their ascetic training in these mountains, though much of the ritual and traditions involved remain shrouded in mystery and are forbidden to be revealed to those who have not experienced the training for themselves. 


This privately chartered tour will give you a taste and insight into the mysterious world of the Yamabushi of Dewasanzan. You will experience the beginning of the pilgrimage with a guided trek to the top of Mt. Haguro, involving a climb up 2246 stone steps! Your guide will give you an introduction into the history and culture of Shugendo and the spiritual journey of the Yamabushi as you pass through forests of towering cedar trees, making stops at important cultural landmarks such as the 5-storey Pagoda of Haguro, a designated national treasure.  


Once at the top, you will have the chance to try the traditional cuisine of the Yamabushi – Shojinryori – a vegetarian cuisine made exclusively from vegetables and ingredients sourced from the mountains. Consuming the dishes in itself is seen as an ascetic practice, receiving spiritual power from the mountains through their natural gifts. The location for lunch will be ‘Saikan’, a centuries-old temple restaurant also offering traditional temple lodging.


Feeling spiritually re-energised and ready to take-on the next stage of your Japan adventure, make your way back to your private transport and journey back to Sendai Station. 


Meeting place



Your private transport will pick you up from your hotel or designated location within Sendai City. 

***OPTIONAL: Private English speaking guide also available + 30000 JPY per group***

*Displayed tour price is per person in the case of 4 people. Smaller/larger group bookings available at alternative rates.
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Arrive at the Ideha Cultural Centre at the foot of Mt. Haguro to meet your trekking guide. 

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After a short briefing, get started with your trek up over 2246 stone steps to Dewasanzan Shrine at the top of Mt. Haguro. 


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After working up an appetite climbing all those steps, sit down to a delicious and healthy lunch of ‘Shojinryori’ cuisine – traditional Shinto vegetarian cuisine traditionally eaten by the Yamabushi mountain priests. Each dish is made of local vegetables and ingredients sourced from the mountains themselves. Consuming a Shojinryori meal is seen as another spiritual practice to receive power from the mountains which themselves are seen as manifest of Kamisama (God). 


Head back down the steps to the Ideha cultural centre. 


Depart to return to Sendai City. 


Arrive back in Sendai City. 


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*Displayed tour price is for 4 people. Smaller/larger group bookings available at alternative rates.
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