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Sustainable Japan: Oyster Paradise Matsushima

The world's your oyster in the world's oyster nursery!


The Tohoku region is a foodie’s paradise – especially if you love fresh, delicious seafood! The entire coastline of Miyagi Prefecture is famous for its giant, milky, juicy oysters, but the pearly heart of the action lies in Matsushima Bay (also famous as one of Japan’s top three scenic views). The incredible oysters of Matsushima are not only loved throughout Japan, but they hold strong ties with oyster cuisine around the world, with locally produced oyster ‘babies’ being exported to other oyster-obsessed countries like France for overseas cultivation.  


This guided tour will introduce you to both the culture and flavours of Tohoku experienced through local oyster farming, alongside a local fisherman! Enjoy these tasty treasures of the sea as the locals do – fresh off a fishing boat in Matsushima Bay.


The tour will stats at Aomina, include a trip out to the oyster farms on a local boat with a local fisherman who will show you around the bay and tell you more about what makes Miyagi Prefecture the perfect environment for cultivating oysters. On the boat, you will stop by at one of the oyster farms to try up to three fresh oysters each, straight from the ocean! Select from a variety of condiments and try pairing with a glass of local sake. Back on shore, sit down at a local oyster shack to continue the feast with all-you-can eat steamed oysters, oyster rice and oyster soup!!


What’s Included

- Oyster harvesting experience from fishing boat- Cruise of Matsushima Bay- All-you-can-eat Oyster lunch - Walking tour of Matsushima Bay - Freshly made oyster senbei (rice-cracker) - Private English speaking Guide- Insurance

Not included

- Any additional meals and drinks - Guide attend from JR Sendai Station (On the way +10,000yen)- Optional tour to Zuiganji and Entsuin Temples (can be added for +3000 yen per group)




Meet your guide at Aomina.


Jump aboard a local fishing boat and head out to the oyster farms with local fisherman, Sakurai-san (Sussu-san)!

Sussu-san will take you for a cruise around the bay and take you on a journey to discover the life-cycle of the local oysters. Starting with…oyster babies! 


Learn about how the oyster babies are first cultivated in a ‘nursery’ on the surface of scallop shells. The method and materials used today follow the same traditions of centuries ago, and ensure no harm upon the precious local environment. Sussu-san will teach you what makes Miyagi Prefecture so special as the ideal environment to grow oysters, and why oyster farmers from all over Japan (and over seas) make their way to Miyagi to purchase these beautiful oyster babies for cultivation across the globe.


Having met the babies, it’s time to meet the parents! 



Say hi to the origin of the whole process as Sussu-san explains why the surrounding mountains and forests are equally important to local fishermen as the sea. 

Say hi to the origin of the whole process as Sussu-san explains why the surrounding mountains and forests are equally important to local fishermen as the sea. 

Time for the highlight! Your next stop is to the oyster farms themselves to try some fresh, juicy gems straight from the water!



But the oyster feasting does not stop on the boat! 

Once back on shore, head to a local oyster shack for an all-you-can-eat buffet of steamed local oysters with a side of oyster rice and soup! 


If you’re still feeling energetic or have a need to burn off your oyster-induced food-coma, opt to take a light hike up the forest stairs to ‘Otakamori’ observatory point from which you can enjoy panoramic views over Matsushima Bay. 

Understand why Matsushima Bay is considered one of Japans three great scenic views, as well as an oyster paradise!


Tour ends back at Aomina. 

Visit  Sendai or continue your sight-seeing in nearby Matsushima-Kaigan. 

**This tour is also available to smaller/larger groups upon request. Please inquire for availability/pricing:






Over 6 hours on the day
27500JPY~ (per guest) (※approx. $200USD)
Sign-up Deadline
Bookings accepted up to 2 weeks prior to date of tour.
**Smaller groups available at higher rate. Larger groups available on request**
Cancellation Policy
The cancellation fee will be required in accordance with the policy below.Up to three days prior, no cancellation fee.Two days prior: 20% Day before: 30% On the day: 100%


Basic Plan

Price 27500JPY~ (per guest)

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October ~ March
Sustainable Japan: Oyster Paradise Matsushima
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APRIL 17-18
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Feb 11-12, 2022
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