April, October, September (by request)

Morning ‘Awakening’ in Miyako

Watch the sun rise to the hypnotic beat of Taiko drums


‘Jodogahama’ literally means Paradise Beach. In the 1700s, a Buddhist priest known as Reikyo was so moved by the natural beauty of this place that he named it after ‘Jodo’, the ultimate paradise of Pure Land Buddhism.
Experience a moment of spiritual paradise that you’ll never experience anywhere else, as you watch the sunrise over the quiet beach, accompanied by dramatic echos of local Taiko drumming performers ‘Abare-Taiko’. After a captivating performance, enjoy a bowl of warm soup or a light meal as you take-in early morning views of the picturesque bay.
*Program may be cancelled due to rain / unfavourable weather conditions.

Available only on Sundays from April 1 to April 30 and September 1 to October 31.

The listed time schedule is for April and October. In the case of September, each is advanced by 15 minutes.





Meet, move from Jodogahama Visitor Center to Oku-Jodogahama





Private Taiko performance by Abare Taiko

If weather conditions are favourable, you’ll also witness an incredible sunrise over Jodogahama Beach.



Enjoy the chance to try out your own hand at the Taiko drums, instructed by the Abare Taiko team. After working up an appetite, enjoy a light breakfast of freshly made rice balls and soup.


Tour ends. 



(※approx. $990 USD)
Sign-up Deadline
Reservations accepted up to two days prior to tour.


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